Depositing FLOW to Your Dapper Wallet

Collectors must complete their Identity Check before being able to deposit FLOW to their Dapper Wallet. Once the Identity Check process has been initiated, it must be successfully submitted before being able to complete any further transactions. For more details on how to send or withdraw your FLOW check out our article here.

How to Deposit FLOW

To begin the process of depositing FLOW, head to your Dapper Wallet home page under the Flow section and click the Deposit button. If you’re depositing FLOW for the first time, you will see a brief tutorial.


On the next page, you can copy your Dapper wallet address or use the QR code option.

You can then navigate to the wallet or exchange from where you want to send FLOW, paste your Dapper Wallet's address, and complete the sending transaction. For assistance with sending FLOW from a specific wallet or exchange, please contact your provider directly.

Once your transaction has been completed, you will see a notification in your Dapper Wallet and receive an email stating that FLOW has been received.