Purchasing With FLOW Tokens

Purchasing With FLOW on the Dapper Wallet

With the ability to hold FLOW in your Dapper Wallet, you can feel free to make purchases with any of our supported Dapper Wallet partners.

Once you find an item to buy, just select FLOW as your payment method, and then select Buy Now.


Once your purchase goes through, you will see an Order Complete screen.


Purchasing With FLOW on a Supported Wallet

Since both Dapper and NBA Top Shot run on the Flow blockchain, you can spend your FLOW tokens to purchase NBA Top Shot packs if you use a supported wallet such as the Flow Wallet, Blocto, Ledger, NuFi, and Shadow. This is similar to transacting with cryptocurrency using your own wallet in the existing checkout process. Check out our article here for more details on how to purchase NBA Top Shot packs with FLOW.

Please Note: Paying with FLOW on the Dapper Wallet is currently unavailable for Dapper Sports Studio products (NBA Top Shot, NFL ALL DAY, and LaLiga Golazos). For more details about FLOW on the Dapper Wallet, check out our article here.