Purchasing With FLOW Tokens

Dapper Labs and its products run on top of the Flow blockchain!

Similar to transacting with ETH or BTC using your own wallet in the existing checkout, you will be able to complete purchases using FLOW with your Blocto wallets.


The Dapper Wallet can now hold FLOW tokens—the native currency of the Flow network! FLOW is designed as a payment method as well as a long-term reserve asset for the entire Flow economy. This means that it is required for the network and all the applications on top of it to function. FLOW is used by validators, developers, and customers who participate in the Flow network, as well as to transfer fees, pay for storage, serve as collateral for secondary tokens on Flow, and participate in future protocol governance.

Paying with FLOW is currently unavailable for Dapper Sports products (NBA Top Shot, NFL ALL DAY, and UFC Strike) through the Dapper Wallet, though NBA Top Shot packs can be purchased with FLOW through Blocto or Ledger.

For more information about FLOW on the Dapper Wallet, click here.

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