Purchasing With FLOW Tokens

Both Dapper and Top Shot run on top of the Flow blockchain. If you are an early Flow backer, you can now spend your FLOW tokens to purchase NBA Top Shot packs!

Similar to transacting with ETH or BTC using your own wallet in the existing checkout, you will be able to complete purchases using FLOW with both your Ledger and Blocto wallets.


How can I hold FLOW in my Dapper? 

Currently, FLOW tokens can only be held in an external non-custodial Flow wallet, like Ledger or Blocto. We are actively working with regulators so FLOW can be held in Dapper and we will provide further updates when that becomes an option. For now, feel free to spend your FLOW to purchase packs on Top Shot!

Update: You will soon have the ability to receive, send, and store FLOW and use it to buy NFTs, all within Dapper! 


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