Login Issues Using an Email Address

Most commonly, a Dapper account owner is unable to sign in to their account using their email address because they actually signed up with Dapper using our 'Sign up with Google' option.

If an account is already created with the email you're entering, you'll receive a small prompt saying "This account was created using Google sign up. Click "Continue" below to create a password for this account."


What if I signed up with Dapper using my email address?

Some Dapper account owners initially signed up using their email address and selected a password. These account owners have the option to add Google sign in to their account if they wish.


To add Google login: 

1) Make sure you are logged out of your Dapper account

2) Proceed to the Dapper sign in screen

3) Select 'Continue with Google' and follow the steps


What if I added both email and Google login options and still can't access my account?

In rare cases, a Dapper account holder may have added both login options, but their accounts weren't linked correctly and two Dapper accounts have been created.

In this scenario, simply email us and let us know which account you wish to continue using and we'll work with you to make sure all of your assets are transferred into that account. Please note: having multiple Dapper accounts is prohibited, so if you find yourself in this situation, please let us know as soon as possible.  











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