Unaccepted Bank Details for Wire Transfers

Wire transfer withdrawals sent to an eligible account at a US financial institution require a wire transfer routing number which may be different from the routing number used for other transfer methods (such as ACH, ETF, etc.). This information also varies depending on your financial institution's branch location. Please make sure to double-check the routing number you use is the domestic wire transfer routing number for your financial institution.

If the routing number entered is incorrect, you will receive the following message: 



Wire transfer withdrawals sent to an eligible account at a UK financial institution require an International Bank Account Number (IBAN). If the IBAN used is incorrect, you will receive the following message: 


Wire transfer withdrawals sent to an eligible account at a Canadian financial institution require a SWIFT code. If the SWIFT code entered is incorrect, you will receive the following message: 


There are certain financial institutions that are experiencing difficulties when receiving wire transfers from our payment processor. We are working with our payment processor to have this resolved. Below is a list of financial institutions (along with their routing number/IBAN/SWIFT code) that are affected by this: 

North America

Alloya Credit Union - All routing numbers

Bancorp Bank - 031101334, 031919225

Bank of America N.A - 121000358

Bank of America N.A. NY - 026009593

Bank of Montreal - Use BOFMCAM2 as the SWIFT code and not PNBPUS3NNYC

BlueOx Credit Union - 272476776

Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union - 311990511

Central Bancompany - All routing numbers

Chase Secure Checking - This account type doesn't support wire transfers

Chime - 103100195

Choice Financial Group - 91302966

Evolve Bank & Trust - All routing numbers

Go2Bank - 124303120

JP Morgan Chase - All ACH routing numbers are not supported

Kerndt Brothers Bank - 073904696

Louisiana Corporate Credit Union - 265482382

RBC Bank (Georgia) - 063216608

Stride Bank, National Association - 103100195

TCF National Bank (Now Huntington Bank) - Must use new Huntington information for wire

Tangerine Bank

Varo Bank - 124303201

VIZO Financial Corp Credit Union - 231387550

Wells Fargo - All checking and savings account routing numbers

Westminster Savings Credit Union

Wise (formerly known as TransferWise) - All currency accounts

Woodforest National Bank - All routing numbers

United Kingdom

Bank of Scotland - BOFSGBS1

Equity Financial FX Inc. - EQFXCAT1

Lloyds Bank - LOYDGB21

Starling Bank Limited - SRLGGB3L

Sygnum Bank AG - SYGNCHZZ

Please note: Attempted withdrawals to these financial institutions may cause your withdrawal to be delayed or returned and may incur additional fees. We recommend using a different financial institution to withdraw funds via the wire transfer option, using the USDC withdrawal option or withdrawing through ACH to complete your request.

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