Speedway Motorsports

"n partnership with GigLabs, Speedway Motorsports, a motorsports and entertainment company headquartered in Charlotte, NC, created RaceDayNFT.com, the original motorsports NFT marketplace for race fans in 2021.

Unique NFTs have included virtual die-cast cars, ticket packages, charity tokens, commemorative tickets and more. RaceDayNFT.com is built on the environmentally friendly Flow Blockchain, home of other leading sports NFT projects including NBA Top Shot, NFL ALL DAY and UFC Strike. GigLab’s proprietary NFT Bridge platform operates the RaceDayNFT.com NFT marketplace.

NFT Bridge helps brands remove the complexity of smart contracts, blockchain integration, NFT design and management and event services.


For any questions related directly to RaceDay NFT, please check out their Discord here.



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