FLOAT (Flow Attendance)

Whether it be a Twitter space, Discord call, YouTube Livestream, IRL event, or anything at all, you can create a FLOAT Event so participants can remember and have proof that they were there.




FLOATs (short for “Flow Attendance”) are now available on the Dapper Wallet! They are NFT POAPs (Proof of Attendance Protocol) on the Flow blockchain. FLOATs allow for people to get NFTs for being part of something or attending an event. They are similar to a concert ticket, but digital and backed by blockchain technology. Built by Emerald City, the first DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) on Flow, FLOATs are a pure collector’s item. They are free, easy to get, and utility is usually not to be expected.

Who can make one?

Anyone can! Even you!

What can we do with them?

With a wide range of options, you can create Twitter spaces, Discord calls, YouTube live streams, or in-person events as a few examples. Anything that participants want to remember an event by can be signified with a FLOAT.

How does it work?

FLOATs can be configured to only be distributed by the creator. You can do this by selecting Not Claimable on the /create page. This means the creator can send FLOATs in their own custom transactions to reward their community. For example, if you want to give people proof that they participated in a token drop, a FLOAT can be given to them automatically from your transaction code when the user purchases the NFT.

Cherish your favorite memories #onFlow. For more information about FLOATs, please check out their home page here.