The Rogue Bunnies

Bunnies with big plans have come together to shape their own destiny. No longer conforming, they are said to have gone "rogue". What that really means is taking control and launching the most bad ass women led project to date. Combining digitally hand painted art with the creative flare you would expect from this talented crew. The Rogue Bunnies NFTs are your entry point to an exclusive VIP community in the metaverse!


On Friday, July 29th, 2022, there will be a release for Series 1 of the Rogue Bunnies Trading Cards. This drop will include 37,575 NFTs of the first 25 Rogue Bunnies and will be available for purchase in "packs". Each pack will contain a random selection of trading cards with different rarities including - Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary, and Epic.


About the Rarities

Each of the 25 Rogue Bunnies have a total of 1,501 NFTs with these rarities listed below:

  • Common: 1,200
  • Uncommon: 228
  • Rare: 69
  • Epic: 1

About the Packs

At the time of the launch, head over to the Rogue Bunnies website - - and click on the "Buy NFTs" link. Here you will be able to purchase one of three types of "packs":

  • Common Packs
    • Cost: $10
    • Supply: 5,705
    • Details: Common packs contain five randomly selected Rogue Bunnies cards of varying rarities.
  • Uncommon Packs
    • Cost: $15
    • Supply: 2,500
    • Details: Uncommon packs guarantee at least one Uncommon Rogue Bunnies card and consist of two other randomly selected cards of varying rarities.
  • Rare Packs 
    • Cost: $190
    • Supply: 500
    • Details: Rare packs guarantee one Rare Bunny card and consist of two other randomly selected Rogue Bunnies cards of varying rarities.

Your odds of getting an Uncommon, Rare, Legendary, or Epic card also increase with the Uncommon and Rare packs. Feeling lucky??


For more information related directly to The Rogue Bunnies, please check out their home page here.



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