Identity Check Troubleshooting

Unsuccessful Identity Check

If your Identity Check is marked 'Unsuccessful,’ don’t fret, you have 4 attempts to complete this process. Just head to the 'Security' section of your Dapper account and you can start the flow again.

Here are a few important tips to help make sure your Identity Check is processed and verified:

  • If you’re submitting your driver's license or ID card, take a photo of both the front and the back of your ID in a well-lit area, free of any glare.
  • Make sure that your ID is in focus and fully visible for the photo.
  • When taking your selfie, remain still until your photo is captured and displayed on the screen.  There is a slight lag between the camera reading your face and capturing your image. If you move, the photo will come out blurry. Please remove any objects covering your face (glasses, hat, etc).
  • If you’re using the mobile option, please note that on iOS only the Safari browser is supported. If you’re using Android, most browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Brave) will work.
  • Make sure the ID you are using is valid, not damaged, and has not expired.
  • Make sure the address provided matches the address that is on the ID, if you have recently moved this may cause an issue.
  • Please make sure that the correct issuing country and document type is selected for your ID. Please check here for accepted ID types.

For more information on verification, check out Understanding the Identity Check


Failed Identity Check

When you fail the Identity Check, our Compliance team is notified for a manual review. They will reach out directly if more info is needed. 

Important Note: the only emails you will receive from us in regards to your Identity Check are from For your own safety, please do not send personal information to any other email.

Learn more about the ID check process here.


Account Blocked or Suspended

For collectors who fail their Identity Checks, or have suspicious activity around their account, we might suspend or block the account from transactions indefinitely. This measure helps us protect our collectors and platform from bad actors. 

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