Withdrawing FLOW on the Dapper Wallet

Collectors must complete their Identity Check before being able to send or withdraw FLOW from their Dapper Wallet. Once the Identity Check process has been initiated, it must be successfully submitted before being able to complete any further transactions. For more details on how to deposit FLOW check out our article here.

How to Withdraw FLOW

In order to send or withdraw FLOW from your Dapper Wallet to another wallet or exchange, head to your Dapper Wallet home page under the Flow section and click the Withdraw button. If you’re sending or withdrawing FLOW for the first time, you will see a brief tutorial.

When prompted, enter the amount you want to send before clicking Next. It can be entered either in FLOW or USD. Please Note: You will need to enter an amount that’s greater than $3.00 USD.

Scan or copy the recipient wallet’s address, then come back to Dapper to paste it in the address field. Ensure that you double-check your recipient's wallet address and that it is an address that accepts FLOW since funds cannot be recovered once you submit. Hit Next when you’re done.

From there, you will be provided with a summary of your transaction so that you can double-check everything before sending it. If everything looks good, hit Send, and you're done!