Using Multiple Credit Cards

In your Dapper profile, you can save up to three (3) credit or debit cards at one time. Please only use cards in your name. Do not use your cards on a friend's or family member's accounts. Using cards on multiple accounts can lead to blocked transactions.

When completing a transaction on Dapper you will only be allowed to select one payment option at checkout. This would be your existing Dapper Balance or any card you have on your profile. If you don't have a card saved prior to arriving at the checkout page you will be able to add one at that time, it will not disrupt your transaction.

Please note that some banks block transactions that deal with digital assets in the crypto space. We recommend reaching out to your financial institution directly to check their regulations regarding cryptocurrency. Pre-paid cards are also regularly declined by issuing banks. We do not have a comprehensive list of banks that block transactions however, we recommend not attempting a purchase more than twice.