Dapper Labs Employee Collect Policy


Team Members are prohibited from acting on any information that is not public or would give them an advantage (perceived or real) relative to the general public who would not have such information. It is the Team Member’s responsibility to consult this document regularly and prior to conducting any transaction as it is subject to change. Changes will be announced on the dedicated Slack channel. 


  1. Personal Account - Each Team Member is permitted to have one personal account. You are only permitted to use Dapper Studio Apps after you have registered your account.

Pack and Pin Drops  

  1. Team Members are permitted to join all available pack and pin drops and reservation queues that they qualify for, and complete purchases, unless otherwise notified.
    1. NBA TS and NFL AD: If your pack contains a #1,  jersey match, or perfect match serial number (e.g. #5000/5000), you are required to notify [Person] within 24 hours and you will receive the equivalent of Fair Market Value 2-3 weeks after the day you pull the Moment (as determined by LiveToken for NBATS or Own The Moment for NFL AD) in the form of Dapper Balance, in exchange for the Moment you pull. 
    2. Disney Pinnacle by Dapper Labs - If your Mystery Capsule purchase contains a pin with a #1 or "perfect" (final) serial number, you are required to notify [Person] within 24 hours, and you will receive a similar pin (same edition) in exchange for the pin you pulled.
  2. Team Members are Prohibited from purchasing any packs via the NBA TS pack marketplace at this time.

Marketplace Transactions

  1. All Marketplace transactions, including trades, whether completed on Dapper owned or third-party owned websites or platforms, must be conducted at arm's length and at fair market values. You are not permitted to ask for, or knowingly receive a discount due to your position as a Team Member.
  2. Team Members are prohibited from selling pins, Moments or Packs on any marketplace (Dapper owned or Third Party).   
  3. Team Members are prohibited from utilizing Moments or pins in a manner such that they may relinquish ownership of their Moments (e.g. using Moments as collateral for loans.) in a manner that is inconsistent with this Policy.
  4. Team Members are not permitted to purchase Moments from players that are involved in unannounced promotional activity. A list of players that are currently ineligible for purchase by employees will be pinned in the #Dapper-Collect-Policy Slack Channel.

Gifting and Trading

  1. Team Members are permitted to gift Moments and pins to other Team Members and can trade Moments and pins with other Team Members.  All gifts and trades must be conducted at arm's length, meaning each person acts fairly and independently without trying to influence the others decision making. Team Members are encouraged to post their trades in the #dapper-collect-policy channel. 
  2. Team Members are only permitted to gift Moments and pins to the community for promotional/business purposes (e.g. Secret Santa, Playoffs promotions, Livestream giveaways, etc) and only after clearance from [Person].
  3. Team Members are not permitted to retain gifts from any non-Dapper Employee community member (“Community Member”). If you receive a gift from a Community Member, you should inform the Community Member (using a best efforts approach) that Dapper employees are not allowed to accept gifts as part of our fair collect policy and that we could either return the gift to them or forward the gift to the NBA TS, NFL AD, or Disney Pinnacle by Dapper Labs community account for redistribution.

Challenges & Playbook

  1. Certain Team Members that provide input on or have advanced knowledge of Challenges or Playbook criteria will not be permitted to retain earned rewards for participating in non-prediction based Challenges and/or Playbook. These Team Members, who will be notified by their managers, must send their rewards to the NBA TS or NFL AD community account for redistribution.
  2. All other Team Members (with the exception of those notified per 11 above) are permitted to participate in any Challenges, Fastbreak game, and Playbook.


  1. Team Members are permitted to participate in Locking and Burn Leaderboards, unless otherwise notified within the #dapper-collect-policy Slack channel.


  1. Team Members are permitted to receive airdrops for completing and locking sets. 
  2. Team Members are prohibited from participating in sweepstakes, contests, or other promotional marketing initiatives related to our products unless notified by the Company otherwise.
  3. Team Members are prohibited from making any public or private assessments, statements, or predictions about the monetary value of Moments.

 1 If You are using your business email address as your personal account, You should switch to your personal email address.

2 Moments that are turned in will be redistributed to the community via the Locker Room, repacks, or other promotional giveaways.

Document Governance

This Policy will be reviewed and updated at least once per year.  Material changes, including significantly increasing the allowable scope of activities for Team Members, will be circulated to the community for feedback prior to implementation.