Restrictions Affecting Collectors in Russia

We have been notified by our payment processor that in addition to the temporary disabling of credit card payments from our community members located in Russia, there will now be limitations on cryptocurrency transactions as well. Those new limitations are:

  • No deposit, withdrawal, or purchase made using cryptocurrency can surpass $10,000 EUR per transaction 
  • No accounts may hold a total balance of over $100,000 EUR

If either of these limitations are broken, your account will, unfortunately, be frozen for an indefinite period. 

We apologize for any inconvenience. We are continuing to monitor this evolving situation and are in contact with our counsel and our partners to understand what changes may occur in the future. As events evolve, we will share new information as it presents itself. 

Please note: Despite these temporary measures, your assets are yours. The Moments you own and the Dapper Balance you have are your property.

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