Missing USDC on Ethereum Withdrawal

Once you have received the withdrawal confirmation email from us (which will include the Transaction Hash of the withdrawal), USDC withdrawals generally take up to 48 hours to successfully complete and reach your wallet.

However, in some instances, you could still be missing the USDC, and may have run into one of the following issues: 

  • Some cryptocurrency exchanges require you to select a USDC (ERC-20) deposit address rather than an ETH deposit address and you may have selected the wrong type of deposit address. In this case, you will need to reach out to this exchange for further assistance as they may still be able to assist in recovering the missing funds.
  • The wallet you withdrew funds to may not support USDC. If this happens to be the case, there are two things you could try to recover the missing USDC:
    • Reach out to your wallet provider for further assistance.
    • If your wallet allows you to export the seed phrase or private key, you could import this into a different wallet that does support USDC.
  • There was a typo in the address or there is nobody in control of the address. Unfortunately, the funds are not recoverable in this case as transactions on the Ethereum blockchain are irreversible once they have been confirmed and we do not have any control over the address that the funds were withdrawn.

To trace the missing funds, you can copy the Transaction Hash (which can be found in the withdrawal confirmation email sent by us) and search for this transaction hash on etherscan.io.