Adding Funds to Your Dapper Balance

You can add funds to your Dapper Balance via your account's Payments page, using either your credit/debit card, funds directly from your bank account (currently only available to banks within the US), or cryptocurrency. You can use these funds in your Dapper Wallet for all supported Dapper Services. We also have additional information on Accepted Payment Methods.

To Add Funds to Your Dapper Balance

1. Open your Dapper account.

2. Select ‘Home’ from the menu on the left. 

3. Input the amount you wish to add in the field labelled ‘Add funds to your balance' and accept the Terms and Conditions.

4. Click 'Add Funds.'


5. Then select your payment method of choice and confirm your purchase.


Adding Funds to your Dapper Balance using a Credit/Debit Card

Collectors can use most major credit or debit card brands to make purchases for Dapper products. This includes adding funds to your Dapper Wallet, purchasing packs, and transacting on the marketplace. You will be prompted to provide your card information, followed by your billing details on the following window. 


Adding Funds to your Dapper Balance using a linked US Bank Account

Collectors in the US who have completed the identity check and have a checking or savings account at a major US bank can link their bank account in order to purchase Dapper Balance or withdraw. You can link your US Bank account by following the steps in this article: Connecting Your Bank Account to Dapper.

Adding Funds to your Dapper Balance using Cryptocurrency

If you choose the crypto option, you will be given info on our supported cryptocurrencies and other related details, before being prompted to enter the Coinbase Commerce flow to complete your payment.

Please note: The cryptocurrencies we currently support are Ether (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), DAI, and USDC. And these are the Ethereum versions of both DAI and USDC – we do not support any other DAI or USDC token variations.

All crypto charges will be shown in USD until you select the cryptocurrency of your choice. It is strongly recommended you pay the full cryptocurrency amount by typing in the full ETH/BTC amount to avoid any errors (under or overpayments). 


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