Card and Service Fees

Bank Account (ACH) Fees

For reference, there is a fee of $8 USD for withdrawals when using ACH.

Cryptocurrency Fees

Standard network fees will apply but purchases made with cryptocurrencies will not be subject to any additional fees.

Debit and Credit Card Fees

There are currently no additional fees on debit or credit card transactions.

Are there any temporary card fees (cash advances) to be aware of?

When making purchases via debit or credit card, additional fees may be charged by your bank. These fees are not collected by Dapper – they are being charged directly by the bank. Known fees are:

  • Foreign transaction fees
  • Cash advance fees

If charged, these fees will show up as a separate line time on your credit card statement. Known banks charging additional fees are Citibank, Sutton, Bancorp, Bank of America, and Citizens Bank.

If you have been charged a cash advance fee, or a foreign transaction fee while using a US card and you reside in the US, please reach out to our team by submitting a support ticket here. Please include a screenshot of your charges with the ticket.

Please Note: Foreign transaction fees for collectors outside of the US are correct and will not be reimbursed.