Dapper Payment and Withdrawal Options for US Collectors

There are different methods US collectors can use to make purchases, deposits, and withdrawals from their Dapper account. Here's a quick snapshot:

  Purchase Deposit Withdrawal
Apple Pay
Bank Account (ACH)


Debit/Credit Card
Wire Transfer



Adding a Payment Method

1. Go to the Dapper Balance section in the Home tab of your Dapper account.

2. Click on the Deposit button and input the amount you want to add. 

3. Select the payment method you wish to use or the account you want to connect. 

4. Follow the instructions to complete setting up your payment method.

Adding a Withdrawal Method

1. Select Withdraw in the Dapper Balance section in the Home tab of your Dapper account.

2. Select the withdrawal method you wish to use or the account you wish to connect.

3. Follow the instructions to complete setting up your withdrawal method.

Payment Methods

The first step in making a purchase, or adding funds to your Dapper Balance, is getting your payment methods set up with a credit/debit card, cryptocurrency, PayPal or Apple Pay. Follow the steps above to link a payment method or for detailed steps, check out our article on Adding Funds to Your Dapper Account.

Cryptocurrency Withdrawals

To withdraw via crypto, you'll have to convert your Dapper Balance to USDC and send the tokens to any Ethereum wallet address that accepts the currency. 

For more details about cryptocurrency withdrawals, check out our USDC Withdrawals section. There is a fee for USDC on Ethereum withdrawals (which varies depending on Ethereum network fees) and a $4 fee for USDC on Flow withdrawals.

Wire Transfer Withdrawals

Most collectors can withdraw via wire transfer to a bank account that accepts wires. To use this withdrawal option, you will be asked to provide your name, account number, billing address, and routing number. For more info, including detailed steps, read our article on Wire Transfer Withdrawals.

There is a $20 USD fee per Domestic (US) and a $40 USD fee per International (Non-US) withdrawal. Please note, that many banks and credit unions charge their own processing fee to receive a wire transfer (this cannot be waived).

Bank Account (ACH) Withdrawals

Most US-based users can make withdrawals directly with their bank accounts (excluding those who reside or bank in New York, Texas, North Carolina, Connecticut, Alaska, and Arkansas as our payment processor does not support these regions currently) as long as they have completed the Identity Check process. To set this option up, you will need to use your online banking credentials to link your bank account to your Dapper Wallet. For more details, read our step-by-step article on Connecting Your Bank Account to Dapper.

There is a $8 USD fee per withdrawal.