Withdrawal Limits

All withdrawals from Dapper are subject to limits to protect the community and comply with financial regulations. You can choose to withdraw funds from your Dapper Wallet using the following method, once you have completed the identity check. Only one (1) active withdrawal request can be made at a time.

USDC on Flow or Ethereum: You can withdraw a minimum of $10, and up to a maximum of $1,000,000 USD, per day, by converting their Dapper Balance to USDC. There is a $10 fee for each USDC on Ethereum withdrawal (which varies depending on Ethereum network fees) and a $4 fee for each USDC on Flow withdrawal. Please confirm that your wallet provider accepts the correct version of USDC and that you've added the correct destination wallet address before submitting your withdrawal request.

Over time, Dapper withdrawal limits can change based on user activity. For example, the initial limits placed on withdrawals are set at a lower amount but can incrementally increase based on good financial behavior, just as a credit card limit increases.

How to Request a Dapper Account Limit Increase

1. Ensure you have completed the Identity Check process for your account

2. Go to your Dapper Account Payment Methods tab

3. Click on the Request an increase button under Account Limits


4. Fill in the required fields and click Submit Request.



All requests are manually reviewed by our Compliance team. Please allow 2 weeks for a response after submitting.