Understanding Your Non-Withdrawable Dapper Balance

Please note: funds you deposit into Dapper from your linked bank account can be used right away for purchases, but cannot be withdrawn for 5-10 business days. Typically, it takes 5-10 business days for Dapper to receive the funds from your bank and we need to have the funds in hand before you can withdraw them.


When viewing your Dapper Balance, you'll notice the funds you have in your Dapper account are broken into three groups:

  • Total balance
  • Available for withdrawal
  • Non-withdrawable balance

Your total balance represents all of the funds you have available for use in your Dapper account at any given time. As you make purchases, sales, deposits, or withdraw your funds, those changes will be reflected in the total balance displayed. 

The balance you have available for withdrawal are the funds you can withdraw from Dapper immediately. For more on how to withdraw from Dapper, check out this Help Center article.

Your non-withdrawable Dapper Balance are funds that must first be used for purchases and cannot initially be withdrawn. These are funds deposited into your Dapper Balance from various promotional campaigns or directly from your linked bank account. 


How to View Your Non-Withdrawable Dapper Balance

You can view your Dapper Balance in either your account's 'Home' tab or the 'Payments and Payouts' tab. The amount you have available for withdrawal and your non-withdrawable balance are listed directly below your total balance.



For more information on your Dapper Balance, read our help center article: Introducing Dapper Balance.

For details on how to deposit funds into your Dapper Balance, check out the Help Center article: Adding Funds to Your Dapper Balance.


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