Canceling a Withdrawal

How to Cancel a Withdrawal

Withdrawal requests can be canceled as long as they are still being reviewed. 

If instead of ‘Cancel Withdrawal’ you see ‘You have a pending withdrawal request’, this means that your withdrawal request has already been processed, and cannot be canceled. The majority of our withdrawal requests are processed within a couple of days, but some may require further review.

To cancel a withdrawal request, go to your Dapper Wallet. Then, click on the 'Home' section from the list. You will find the 'Cancel Withdrawal' link at the bottom of the 'Dapper Balance' section, in place of the ‘Withdraw Balance’ option. 


Simply click the ‘Cancel Withdrawal’ option. You will then be prompted with a notification asking you to confirm if you would like to cancel your pending withdrawal request. 


Once you click ‘Cancel Withdrawal’ here, your withdrawal request will be canceled and your funds will be returned to your Dapper Wallet. 

Note: You do not incur any fees if you cancel a withdrawal request.

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