How to Withdraw your Dapper Balance

Withdrawal Requirements

In order to withdraw from your Dapper Balance, you must first successfully complete your identity check. Once cleared, you will be able to make withdrawal requests immediately. If you have not begun the identity check process, you can get started in your Dapper account's 'Security' section.

You must have at least $10 USD withdrawable Dapper Balance to request a withdrawal. The minimum withdrawal amount is $3 USD for ACH, $10 USD for USDC, and $30 USD for Wire Transfer.

Please note: Only one withdrawal request can be made at a time.


Non-Withdrawable Dapper Balance

Your non-withdrawable Dapper Balance are funds that must first be used for purchases and cannot initially be withdrawn. These are funds deposited into your Dapper Balance from various promotional campaigns or directly from your linked bank account. 

Please note: funds you deposit into Dapper from your linked bank account can be used right away for purchases, but cannot be withdrawn for 5-10 business days. Typically, it takes 5-10 business days for Dapper to receive the funds from your bank and we need to have the funds in hand before you can withdraw them.

For more on your Non-Withdrawable Dapper Balance, click here.


Withdrawal Options

We currently offer four withdrawal options:

Please note: Each withdrawal request is reviewed. This allows us to ensure the safety of our community and comply with financial industry regulations. You will receive a confirmation email as soon as your withdrawal request has been processed.


Withdrawal Processing Times

Once your withdrawal has been processed and you have received a confirmation email, the receiving party will need to process the transaction as well. Standard processing times are listed below.

  • Wire: Up to 10 business days
  • USDC: Up to 2 business days
  • ACH: 5-10 business days

Please note: These are estimates of standard processing times. Weekends, holidays, and other factors may delay transactions being processed.


Withdrawal Fees

The following processing fees are charged for each withdrawal option:

  • Wire: $25 USD per withdrawal
  • USDC on Ethereum: Varies depending on Ethereum network fees
  • USDC on Flow: $4 USD per withdrawal
  • ACH: ~0.2% of the withdrawal amount + $1 USD (capped at $9) per withdrawal

Wire transfers may incur additional fees from your bank.

USDC withdrawals may incur additional fees from your wallet provider.

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